Tickled Wolf

Greeting cards for loved one and the planet

Tickled Wolf makes it easy for their customers to send greeting cards while thinking of the planet’s resources. It is a webshop for greeting cards made on tree-less papers, printed sustainably and using no plastic nor to wrap or send the cards.

Challenge & Solution

We were entrusted with creating the name, branding identity and the webshop for Tickled Wolf. We needed to reflect the unique personality of the illustrations as well as being modern for today’s audience. The name Tickled Wolf is inspired by the strong emotional bonds between wolfs in a pack. and “to be tickled pink” refers to the smile on your face when a personal card reaches your mailbox.

We created a stamp for the logo to refer to post. The initials “TW” are used separately on the back of the greeting cards. The background of the website has a paper texture to emphasise the sustainable paper used for printing the cards. On Instagram, the greeting cards are shown so that followers know which cards have been added to the collection as well as heartfelt and sweet quotes about family and friend.