Savory Sunset

Enjoy the beach and savory mediterranean food

Savory Sunset is a place to relax at the beach of Scheveningen. The cozy and warm atmosphere will sooth your senses. The beach lounge serves flavourful and savory mediterranean food. A tribute to the sun and the sea, based on fish, colourful salads and fresh bites made with authentic high-quality products.

Challenge & Solution

We were entrusted with creating the name, branding identity and restaurant necessities for Savory Sunset. We needed to reflect the relaxing atmosphere and invite beach lovers to come and enjoy the best Mediterranean food in Scheveningen. The name Savory Sunset is inspired by the lovely and unique view of the sunrise and sunset on the horizon of the sea. Savory refer to the delicious food and is meant to evoke the pleasure of eating. The brand is warm and welcoming for families, friends and travellers alike. Everyone is included.