Finest Cheese Shop

Quality cheese from around the world to you.

The challenge

We were entrusted with developing a new brand and webshop for a Dutch Cheeseshop who’s goal is to make cheeses accesible for everyone around the world. The name Finest Cheese Shop was carefully selected to be understood worldwide. The branding is both elegant and playful as well as authentic to express the fundamentals of cheeses.

Unique experience

Through the online webshop and with the help of a cheese guide and blog, we wanted to let customers discover the beautiful complexity of cheeses in a simple way. Thanks to a cheese guide. The aim is to enhance and educate the palates and get everyone excited about cheeses so customers can easily order cheese and get them delivered straight to their doors.

A complete brand, from logo to packaging.

Fresh colours and a modern logo with a twist to refer to the old.

As an eco-friendly business, packaging is made with sustainability in mind.

Overview of the homepage, the first view for cheeselovers.

Print Media, Receipts, Stickers, Packaging, Webshop, Business Cards, Social Media