Tickled Wolf


Everything Tickled Wolf does in their company is done with the people, planet and prosperity in mind. Tickled Wolf genuinely care about the environment, and naturally makes sure that the world we live in stays green and beautiful as we all are a part of it. They take responsibility from the entire making of their eco friendly greeting cards to the packaging to how the products are send to the customers. 


The brand identity is created with authenticity in mind. Sending greeting cards is an old practise, and we wanted to show this with the logo by making a stamp out of it. The logo is homey and warm, the wolf represents family. The overall brand essence is inviting, with a dynamic personality. Every envelop giving with the greeting card to customers are embossed with the logo and the initial “TW”.  The wolf conveys a clear aesthetic which is needed to be recognised effortlessly. The colors black is used throughout the identity to keep it old school. The webshop has a minimal modern look and feel which creates a elegant contrast with the old stamp image.


Tickled Wolf


Branding, Webshop, Social Media