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MKB Toegankelijk


MKB Toegankelijk is a program of MKB Nederland and VNO-NCW. They work together with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the VNG and the UN Convention. Everyone should be able to participate, that is their ambition. Much remains to be done to make all shops and catering establishments accessible to customers and guests with disabilities. That is why they started this program. They encourage sector organisations and entrepreneurs to work on accessibility.


The brand identity is created with accessibility in mind. The logo is modern and lively, easy to read with clear elements. The overall brand essence is inviting, with a dynamic personality. The three elements represent audio, mobility and kinetic which all have a relationship with accessibility. The logotype letterform conveys a clear aesthetic which is needed to be recognised effortlessly. The color palette has 2 complementary colors to amplify the high contrast necessary to make the content as visually usable as possible to individuals with low vision or varying levels of color blindness both on and offline. Each element can separately be used as icons and were designed to represent all parts of accessibility in a positive way.


MKB Toegankelijk


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