Ecoveganic is a webshop that sells as little as possible and promotes a minimalistic and zero waste lifestyle. They strive for a world of consumers who take animals, people and the environment into account. All products are 100% vegan. They want to show that a sustainable lifestyle isn’t difficult and feels great! They support a lifestyle where you only consume what you need and, if possible, produce as little waste as possible.


We began brand development by researching the data on present market share. A plan of action or best known as a marketing plan was designed to achieve the long-term and overall ambition of Ecoveganic. The brand is developed to appeal to the mindful consumer. In contrast to other webshop, Ecoveganic wants to radiate a minimalistic lifestyle, therefore we chose to invite the visitors with soothing and peaceful branding elements. From the moment the potential customer is in the webshop, they must feel at ease knowing Ecoveganic is a sustainable option to shop carefree. Furthermore, we implemented SEO for onlie presence and Google Analytics to give insight into their customers. On social media, Ecoveganic’s brand extend with the same ambition in mind to inspire a zero waste and minimal lifestyle.




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